Saturday, February 24, 2007

New Art Studio!!

I am so excited to share with you all that I have upgraded my studio! I've decorated it in colors that inspire me. A splash of my favorite lime green on the floor, and an array of blue and green crystals hang from the fanciful chandelier. A row of pictures hang from funky wire on the wall. I've also added more lighting. I just love it so much!!

With the bright colors in the studio today I felt like working with the primary family of colors. Here's my first quick creation in the new studio - Yay!


Anonymous said...

Those colors are gorgeous. I love your silk painting. it's so happy and brightens the world. Congrats on the new studio space!

Jennifer said...

I love the new studio Katy! And I especially love the fact that you included the word lemon in your website title :) Get that name trademarked! The painting looks gorgeous- I love the colors! Is it available for purchase or are you keeping that one for yourself? Let me know!

Kristin said...


Your talents never cease to amaze me, both in the office at work, AND in the studio! Always follow your dreams, and do what makes you happy!

All the best with the new space. It looks great! :-)

Love, Kristin

Aline Baly said...

Hi Katy,
Love the new studio. Love the silk scarf with the Iris...Would you be interested in created a silk painting of the vineyard if I gave you photos, etc? Maybe we could do a series?
Lots of love,